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Tigran on Jul 24, 2003 at 21:14:52

[ Xen of Onslaught ]

Multigaming group
Posted by dash on Tuesday, July 22 @ 04:36:43 EDT (12 reads) (1 comment | Score: 0)
It seems that we have had a substantial amount of people not renew their subscription to planetside this month. From many I've talked to it is simply not keeping their interest enough to validate paying the monthly fee. From several other outfit leaders it also seems to be the case for them as well. For others of us the game just gets better and better. Go figure. Maybe because it doesn't have enough rpg element for many.

Because of this and many peoples growing interest we are going to be expanding into SWG as well and perhaps many other games in the future. WE ARE BECOMING A MULTIGAMING GROUP. Expect to see a new website for SWG in the upcoming weeks.

With this there will be alot of new changes that some will despise and leave and for many others it will be what they have been hoping for. These changes will include a financial obligation,More guidelines and roles to fill, as well as a stricter chain of command in and out of games, including Planetside. I truly think that this will bring our community closer together,add longevity to the games we play,keep loyal members,and add general fun overall.

I will be making a much longer post about this in Xenlisted forums and get everyones views. Until then feel free to chat about what u think this means in the forums. I'm curious to read it. =P

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Posted by dash on Monday, July 07 @ 16:06:42 EDT (5 reads) (comments? | Score: 0)
Thanks all who contributed to our donation box. With everyones help we are able to take care of everything for a few months. Many that cannot or would rather not send money thru paypal for whatever reason have asked how the can contribute. PM me and I will send you info how u can help in that arena.

On another note,We have a way you can contribute right now which requires no money at all. Our Teamspeak2 server that we have been using from www.battlesim.com is under attack.
Battlesim offers a free 1 month trial(indeed how we began using them) for anyone to show off how great the product is,and hopefully gain paying accounts from it(like us).
Teamspeak is trying to charge them for those months which they received no money for it. They can indeed not pay this and we are in jeapordy of losing our teamspeak server through these guys which have been awesome to us(Fast,reliable support too,and they joined our outfit).

We have to overlook the fact that they never get on teamspeak with us anymore =P and do what we can to prevent this from happening.
They have asked us to do our part by emailing [email protected] and [email protected] . let them know that we enjoy our teamspeak as well as our hosting company and would not like to lose it on the 11th of this month for this nonsense.
PLEASE HELP!!!!! Thanks!

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Donation Box
Posted by dash on Tuesday, July 01 @ 21:43:11 EDT (38 reads) (1 comment | Score: 5)
Money has seem to become an issue for me lately and can no longer fund the website and Teamspeak server on my own.

Some people have been asking how they can contribute so a Donations Link (Paypal) has been added.
I assure you that any money sent will be spent only on XoO related funds. If you have any suggestions to where money is spent that may be surplus, Please do not hesitate. Any tools that make us a better outfit would be considered.

Thanks alot to everyone!!! Your contributions financial and otherwise are greatly appreciated.

The Meeting and Future Developments
Posted by dash on Friday, June 27 @ 22:00:24 EDT (3 reads) (comments? | Score: 0)
The meeting was a great success,with around 70ish ppl showing to support the event.

Most of the discussions had to do with the having timed 'set squads' during prime time and also implementing divisions and groupings,which we will be experimenting with in the upcoming weeks.

Expect the Primetime(8-11 pm, Sun-Thursday) 'set squads' to take a couple weeks to become more concrete. As well as a stricter Chain of Command which will be following right behind as well.

The meeting got called b4 some issues were discussed because it already ran longer than expected.
Thanks to all that attended in hopes to make us even more organized and effective.

Everyone be there!!
Posted by dash on Sunday, June 22 @ 03:42:06 EDT (64 reads) (3 comments | Score: 0)
Wednesday. June 25th 9pm EST.
We are going to be having an outfit meeting this coming Wednesday. It will be held on teamspeak and only members registered to Teamspeak will be permitted into the channel.

During the meeting we will discuss future outfit developments and reveal the set squads,Iron them out.

Afterwards we will have an outfit assault. Hope to see everyone there.!!

Posted by dash on Wednesday, June 18 @ 19:08:42 EDT (3 reads) (comments? | Score: 0)
Hey guys, We are coming along pretty damn good. GREAT BUNCH willing to work with each other. That says alot right there. Our community is really starting to build.

There are some changes about to happen which should aid us even more in the organization,fun,and ass-kicking in our gameplay.
With these changes means we need to add some content to the website. I have no skills and it seems our webguy is taking a break. We are looking for someone who can assist with some webdesign skills and/or writing contributions.

If you have the skills and are interested in contributing anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour a week in either code,writing,artwork please send me a private message on site. It would be greatly appreciated and add even more to what we got going with our community. Thanks alot!!

New XoO Movie
Posted by dash on Saturday, June 14 @ 02:28:25 EDT (30 reads) (1 comment | Score: 5)
Miir has put together another awesome movie. This time it's in honor of you guys and the 'Xen of Onslaught' which we come closer to attaining every day. You have played the game. Now live the Movie.

You can find it on www.malvision.com

Thanks to everybody who showed during the filming and especially to Miir for taking the the time to make it possible.

TR MAX love, finally !!!
Posted by dance on Sunday, June 08 @ 14:58:34 EDT (8 reads) (comments? | Score: 0)
coebywu writes "Victor Wachter [Community Relations Representative] announced: I just wanted to let you know that MAX issues are being addressed. After watching the data on the DC and Pounder over the past few weeks, we've come to the point of view that they are, in fact, somewhat overpowered in certain situations compared to their counterpart MAXes. They are both going to be reduced slightly to bring them back to the original design vision. "

Miirs at it again
Posted by dash on Wednesday, June 04 @ 17:00:33 EDT (7 reads) (comments? | Score: 0)
Hey everybody Miir is making a movie and needs some people to be in it. This should be a fun and historical event(It's only the second time we focused on getting everybody together in game.).

The event is happening at Saturday June 7 at 10pm EST

We will be meeting on Teamspeak and Miir will be calling the shots.

I hope to see everybody there. Please be sure to keep the message out about it to the other members who are either new or whatever the case may be. Thanks alot,cya there!

New TS2 ip
Posted by dash on Thursday, May 29 @ 02:55:40 EDT (19 reads) (comments? | Score: 0)
We have changed TS2 servers. We are now using a server that is hosted by www.battlesim.com
The connection is faster than what we were previously using and the support is simply the best that I've seen.

New TS2 ip is

Teamspeak is required for our outfit. Hope to see you there SOON!

zodiac: ack!...cant decide weather to stick with ps or go to swg
07-24-2003 9:30:pm
Riodd: hope i get accepted
07-24-2003 5:13:am
hyperterminal: no zodiac come back!!
07-24-2003 12:05:am
zodiac: whaaa no ps for zod somehow nerf'd my account
07-23-2003 5:27:pm
EpyonNext: eat cheese, it has good soul absorption.
07-23-2003 3:15:pm
blitzkreig: 2 months and no xenlisted club yet
07-23-2003 2:01:pm
Adramelch: for great justice! take off every zig!
07-22-2003 5:35:pm
07-22-2003 5:14:pm
Zodiac: set us up the bomb!
07-22-2003 5:14:pm
Tigran: lasko, set us up a music pack for ps!
07-22-2003 1:22:am

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